STRONG by Zumba!!! HIIT the Music

When HIIT sync up with MUSIC

Many people think that Zumba or “dance fitness” are aimed at your regular soccer moms, the housewife that breaks away on a Wednesday evening for some salsa moves. Well the big power house Zumba just released its latest fitness program called STRONG! If you believe in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), this program is for you.

Zumba is all about the music, and their latest program STRONG incorporates HITT with the science of synced music motivation. This amalgamation was specifically engineered to push you past your perceived limits. Reach your fitness goals faster. Instead of traditional Zumba, where some people might be put off by the ‘dance aspect’, STRONG utilise synchronised moves to music. The program is designed for those who like to move, but not necessary comfortable in dancing, those aspiring for an athletic or body conditioning style workout.

STRONG by Zumba™ | Introducing Music-Led Interval Training

Moving in sync with music makes you work harder. Yet, in every other high intensity interval training (HIIT) and bootcamp class, music is an afterthought. The music in STRONG by Zumba™ was crafted to drive the intensity in a challenging progression that provides a total body workout using only your body weight.

STRONG focuses on strength training, whereas regular Zumba focuses on cardio.

Does this mean that we will see more men in these fitness classes? Perhaps Zumba’s strategy to expand its horizons to the HIIT market will appeal to a wider audience. Zumba’s popularity is attended predominantly by women. Approximately 15 million people around the world partake in weekly Zumba classes in over 200 000 locations worldwide.

Zumba HIIT STRONGWe are so excited about this new program and already signed up for the instructor training rolling out from next month. MyGymBro will definitely be reporting on STRONG and hope to draw in some GymBros to the Studio (instead of the weight section *wink-wink).

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