HintHunt is designed for groups of 3-5 people, entering a room where “something happened”. As you and your team mates start looking around, the clock starts ticking. This is where the adrenaline kicks in and the crazy person in you comes out. You start lifting everything, looking under the table, start reading a notebook, making mental notes… who what where… I NEED A KEY!!! GIVE ME A CLUE!!

With only one simple task, solve the mystery in one hour.

ClueQuest (#1) and HintHunt (#2) is currently TripAdvisor’s Top Rated Fun & Games in the UK. With its popularity in the UK, #HintHunt came to South African shores in 2015 (The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town). Recently another branch opened in Johannesburg at the Thrupps Centre Illovo, and off course, the GymBros had to check it out.

We were an amazing group of 15 friends, a few crazies! We made sure we had one or two with brains too (just in case you know, someone needs to solve the puzzles). Without giving away too much of the game, you walk into a room, the door locks behind you and the timer starts. This does sound a lot like SAW right?! Im sure the adrenaline kick is similar, but none of us luckily spilled any blood. Clues, puzzles, tools, notes and combinations, the possibilities are endless. You are essentially a real detective, following your instinct to survive.

One solved mystery leads to another clue. Open a box here, find a tool there. Use that tool here, oh wait… it opened!!! MORE CLUES!!! More mysteries to solve! But wait, only 15 minutes left, where did the time go?! CRAZINESS KICKS IN AGAIN!!!

LIFT THAT CHAIR!! DID YOU LOOK IN THE COAT?! What did the notebook say again about reflection? Give me that BOOK!! Yes, you either survive the room or survive your friendships!


HintHunt Johannesburg (South Africa): Top Tips Before You Go – TripAdvisor

Description: HintHunt is a new simple and fun escape game, designed for small groups of… HintHunt is a new simple and fun escape game, designed for small groups of 3-6 people. You get 60 minutes to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a tiny room.

Overall, we had a blast. We can definitely recommend this activity to break the ice in a corporate setting, team building, excellent for birthdays, or just if you are bored at home on a Saturday evening!  Watch HintHunt’s Promo Video below:

GymBro’s out socialising and solving some mystery #hinthunt #hinthuntsa

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We RATE HintHunt 5 Stars