Gym Etiquette

No matter what type of exercise floats your boat, there are rules to adhere to…  We need to work together to keep our ‘workout stations’ tidy and most importantly, hygenic.  Fitness Karma points are earned in the following ways

The Weights Section

IMG_20160217_103904My headphones are in

This usually means a person is in the zone, leave them alone (unless we are really good friends).  Look at my headphones as a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign.

Wipe it up

The same way you hate cleaning up after yourself, we hate arriving at a machine/mat covered in sweat.  It is gross, but besides gross, it is unhygienic, you can pick up all kinds of germs and bacteria.  One of us once picked up Pink Eye from a cycling bike at the gym.

Put it back where you found it

The simple rule your mother taught you while growing up, ‘Put it back where you found it’.  There is nothing more frustrating than looking for weights and realising someone left them on the other side of the gym.  Urgh!  And… on the plus side, you burn more calories by walking that extra bit.  This go’s for Dumbbells, Bars, Attachments, mats, balls, etc…

IMG_20160518_120801Gym Pics

No, this is not what the mirrors are for.  They are for you to see your movement, to make sure you are doing your exercise correctly and to avoid hurting yourself.  Be mindful of those using the mirror, do not walk in front of them. Posture!

Choose your spot

Are you working out in the correct area?  They gym is layed out in a specific way for a reason.  Stick to the areas dedicated to the workout. ie, boxing outside the Pilates Studio can be disruptive, Deadlifts in the Cycling area is just odd.  You get my drift?

Keep it down

Take it easy with the weights, lower them slowly to avoid the loud disruption.  And keep the vocals down too. Some of us don’t get any at home and get all excited for nothing.

The Cardio Zone

Keep your distance

Even if he/she is delicious, you do not need to run on the treadmill right next to them.  If there are open machines, use one of them rather to avoid being ‘creepy’

Put it down

Taking phonecalls and catching up on Social Media on the treadmill is a no no.  It can be dangerous or irritating to your neighbours.  There are some exceptions such as your Fitbit App or other exercise monitoring Apps.

Keep it cool

No one is watching you, no tricks are necessary.  Unless you are these guys, keep it cool on the treadmill.

No, No, No

Do not spit or behave like a farm animal, anywhere in the gym.  We shouldn’t even have to say this, but we do, we have seen it.


Arrive early

When it comes to being Fashionably late, lets not do this for group classes.  We always try to arrive 5-10 minutes early.  This guarantees a good spot too

Give us space

The studio is not the right place to be ‘copping  a feel’.  Make sure that you have enough space around you to avoid touching or kicking your neighbour.

Keep it down

The studio is and should remain a tranquil workout area.  Grunting and groaning are frowned upon to say the least.

unnamed (1)


Body Grooming

Keep the trimming, tweezing, clipping etc… for home… Not only do we not want to see you doing it, we also do not want to walk through your hair and toenails.

Exhibitionists welcome?

Were all proud of our accomplishments at the gym but these can be shown off without removing your pants.  Refrain from lounging, stretching and chatting without pants on.  I feel like we should all have boundaries?

Double Parking

The gym change rooms are small, we all need a place to put our bags while we dress/undress.  If you are using a bench, please be considerate to the people around you and don’t unpack your whole bag and leave your clothes lying around


People stop drying “down there” with the hairdryers! YES!!! WE HAVE SEEN IT!!!!!! Just no!!

We would love to hear from you: What should people stop doing at our gyms, what really grinds your bones?! Comment your thoughts below!