Activewear Trend Report SS2016


The Rise of Activewear:  Sportswear has become Fashion

Sportswear as a fashion statement has been developing over the past few years and things are starting to look exciting in SS2016 with the boundaries between casual day-wear and Activewear being blurred



WHAT’S HOT ON TOP: Professional look:

We will be wearing fitted vests, Tees and compression tops in the gym this season. These pieces are engineered to boost your workout by supporting sections of your arms, shoulders and core to pump oxygen into key upper body muscle groups while the lightweight materials allow you to breathe and cool down.

The colours should be neutrals with slight accents of colour coming through in the stitching or brand label.


WHAT’S HOT DOWN BELOW: Professional look:

We will be seen in compression tights or lycra leggings. We have seen a lot of colour coming through in recent trend reports. Guys are starting to get more adventurous with a ‘red camo’ print or neon patterns. For those that are more conservative, plain black/grey with a neon stitch / brand logo is still shit hot.


WHAT’S HOT ON TOP: Casual Summer Look:

We will be wearing printed Loose-Fit tanks with thin shoulder straps and ‘Y’ back, either over a plain T/Long-sleeve shirt. Alternatively they can be worn with nothing underneath as shown in the images.


WHAT’S HOT DOWN BELOW: Casual Summer Look:

We will be wearing full length tights / compression pants under a pair of lightweight fitted shorts. Shorts and tights should be in the same colour palette ie black, grey, white.


WHATS HOT at the very bottom.

Sneakers are where the fun comes in. Stick to colours rather than neutrals. We like to keep the top and pants neutral and the sneakers as a statement piece with brights or neons. If you are not running, you can wear ‘fashion’ shoes for weight training as opposed to Engineered shoes. We like to train in Nike Rosche or the recently re-launched Cortez. Both are comfortable and look good.

Nike has recently launched ‘Customize it”, a new era of gym / training shoes. You can now customize your Nike Free Train Force Flyknit iD training shoes by choosing the colour and patterns of the entire shoe, including the base, swoosh, laces, midsole, tounge, etc… I am ordering a pair right now: