About Us

What exactly is this myGymBro?!

Well, you know all that super muscle guys” BIG, lean and buzz cut hair…! Here is the thing, sorry to disappoint, but that’s definitely not us.

MyGymBro was born one day, at gym. We wanted to muscle up our appearance, and started calling each other “Hey GymBro”, “See you later GymBro” (making light of our desperate struggle for gains). Obviously we were just hazing around, but then the idea stuck; “Hey, I am pretty sure there are other guys like us out there also going through the same struggles that we do?”. Playing around with a few ideas, we thought, why not start a collaborative site where we share our struggles and success? We are definitely not trained professionals in the fitness industry (but so are 95% of the guys out there). Also not everybody can afford a Personal Trainer, and starting out  at the gym, where do you start? What supplements? What not to do, what to do? Should I, just wait… WHAT THE HELL?! Gym can be quite intimidating?!?! YOU NEED A GYMBRO! And that is why we are here #myGymBro

Let’s introduce ourselves, check us out Oelof & Steve


Hi there, Im Oelof, but you can just call me GymBro

It’s always so hard to write something about yourself. Like, what do you put in, or leave out. You don’t want to brag, but you also want to show that you have some sort of drive and passion, and a success story here and there. Should I put in this shirtless selfie, or go for a classic look.


Hi there, Im Steve, but you can just call me GymBro

Everyone that knows me asks me ‘How could you move from Cape Town to Johannesburg’? The answer is simple, there is no wind here… But honestly, I do not regret my decision, I find myself surrounded by great experiences, people and places.